Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Dec 31 Personal WOD- Run and Burpees

No gym Bootcamp class tonight. So I went in earlier today to get my WOD on.
Here's what I did today.

Warm up
2 Rounds

10 Back extensions
10 Reverse Passthroughs 
10 Passthroughs 
10 Romanian Deadlifts

4 Rounds

5 Pull-ups via weight assisted pull-up

1/2 mile run (.50)
20 Burpees
1/2 mile run (.50)
20 Burpees

2 Rounds

50 Russian Twists (10# ball)
50 sit-ups 

Monday, December 30, 2013

Dec 30 On-Ramp WOD- "Loredo"

Dec 30 On-Ramp Bootcamp WOD- Loredo

Warm up
400m Run(.25)
20 Walking toe touches (10 ea. leg)
10 Back extensions
5 Burpees
30 sec. 3rd world squat

EMOM. 5 mins
30 sec Plank

3 rounds

24 Body weight squats
24 Push-ups
24 Walking lunges
400m Run

Julia- 19:24
Trish- 22:21

Post WOD Stretch
Sprinters stretch
Chest/shoulder stretch

2 Rounds

20 Russian twists (10# ball)
20 Plank touches 

Personal extra
4 rounds of 5 Pull-ups on weight assisted pull-up machine

January 2014 Burpee Challenge

January  2014 Burpee Challenge

I decided to challenge myself with Burpees in the month of January.  Here's the schedule.

Day 1- 5    Wed
Day 2- 10  Thurs
Day 3- 15  Fri
Day 4- 20  Sat
Day 5-  Rest day. Sunday
Day 6- 20  Mon
Day 7- 25  Tues
Day 8- 30  Wed
Day 9- 35  Thurs
Day 10- Rest day. Friday
Day 11- 35 Sat
Day 12- 40  Sun. 
Day 13- 45  Mon
Day 14- 50  Tues
Day 15- Rest day. Wed
Day 16- 50  Thurs
Day 17- 55  Fri
Day 18- 60 Sat
Day 19- 65 Sun.  
Day 20- Rest day. Mon
Day 21- 65 Tues
Day 22- 70 Wed
Day 23- 75 Thurs
Day 24- 80 Fri
Day 25- Rest day. Sat
Day 26- 80 Sun.  
Day 27- 85  Mon
Day 28- 90  Tues
Day 29- 95  Wed
Day 30- 100 Thurs
Day 31- Rest day. Friday. Rejoice in awesomeness. 

Ham, sweet taters and beets- #Whole30 #Paleo

What's for dinner? 
I pan fried some leftover ham that we had baked for Christmas with orange juice, cloves and pinneapple slices. Paired it with mashed sweet taters and beets.
Quick and easy Paleo.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Reebok Spartan Race $10 off coupon

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To my Georgia Peeps, there will be a sprint in Conyers at the Int Horse Park on March 8 and 9. Prices Range between 60 to 100 depending on when you sign up. 
Atlanta Spartan Sprint, March 8-9, 2014, Sign Up Now for this Reebok Spartan Race!

Here is the Calendar to the  upcoming 2014 Reebok Spartan races nationwide

Jan. 24-25 - SoCal Spartan Sprint & Super
Feb. 8-9 - Phoenix Spartan Sprint
Feb. 15-16 - Tampa Special Ops Spartan Sprint
March 8-9 - Atlant Spartan Sprint
March 22-23 - Charlotte Spartan Sprint
March 23 - Hawaii Spartan Sprint
April 5-6 - Nevada Spartan Super in Las Vegas
April 12 - Tri-State NY Spartan Sprint at Citi Field
 April 12-13 - Miami Spartan Super
April 26 - Indianapolis Spartan Sprint
May 3-4 - Colorado Springs Spartan Sprint
May 10 - Montana Spartan Sprint
May 17-18 - Texas Spartan Super

Friday, December 27, 2013

Dec 27 On-Ramp Bootcamp- Box jumps, back extensions

Warm up
400m Run (.25) *I personally did .50 instead
20 Walking Toe touch ( 10 each leg)
10 back extensions
5 Burpees

Kettle bell swings
4 rounds of 10 reps
use 10# plate if needed
Take 1-2 min rest between sets
*I used a 26# kettle bell but finished the last 5 reps with a 35# 

Bootcamp WOD
3 Rounds
30. 20. 10. Reps
Back extensions 
Box Jumps

Rx1 = 1ft Box (cardio Deck)
Rx2 = 1 aerobic platform + 2 steps each side
Rx3 =Step-ups

* 5 months ago I was doing step ups, then eventually moved to box jumps on the aerobic platform, first with no steps, then added one step then two. Tonight I finally moved to the 1 ft box! 

My personal time for the WOD was 5:48

Post WOD stretch
Calve stretch on the wall.

800m Run(.50)

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dec 26 My personal WOD- Burpees, push press, sit-ups, front squats

The gym was closed tonight so I worked out at home. 

Warm up
3 Rounds
10 Bench Presses
10 front squats (two 5# dumbells)
10 Romanian Deadlifts (Two 5# dumbells)
10 back extensions 

21 - 15 - 9

Push press (two 5# dumbells)
Front squats (two 5# dumbells)

100 flutter kicks

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas dinner Paleo style

I've been pretty good today at staying within paleo guidelines today.  The hubby baked a ham with pineapple slices, orange juice and whole cloves, it turned out so yummy . We Cooked sweet potatoes with an apple and then mashed them and added cinnamon. Steamed baby carrots and beets completed the meal.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Dec 23 On-Ramp Bootcamp WOD "The 12 days of Christmas"

Warm up
200m Run (.13)
2 rounds:
10 Passthroughs 
10 Reverse Passthroughs 
10 Back extensions
10 Squats
10secs 3rd World Squat

5 sets of 5 pull-ups 

Bootcamp WOD
This was such a fun WOD, we worked out to the tune of the 12 days of Christmas. It is 12 rounds, you add one more movement per round, just like the song goes. The end of the WOD the total # of reps are 12 Burpees, 22 back extensions, 30 sit-ups, 36 squats, 40 push-ups, 42 box jumps, 42 kettle bell swing, 40 jumping jacks, 36 dumbell presses, 30 Russian twists, 22 arm haulers, 12 wallballs.
*my personal time was 20:35

"12 Days of Xmas"
1 Burpee
2 Back extensions
3 sit ups abmatt
4 squats body weight
5 push ups flash
6 step ups/box jumps
7 kettle bell swings 26#
8 jumping jacks
9 dumbell presses 5#
10 Russian twist (10# plate 10 reps each side)
11 Arm haulers
12 Wallballs 10# ball

Post WOD stretch
Figure 4

Cash out
400m run

Monday, December 23, 2013

Dec 20 On-Ramp Bootcamp WOD

Warm up
400m Eliptical
20 Back extensions
20 Passthroughs 
10 Push-ups 
10 Bike stretch (5 each side)

Kettle bell swings

Bootcamp WOD
12 min AMRAP 
20 Kettle bell swings   Rx1: 26#     Rx2: 10#
20 Ball slams 10#
20 Boxjumps/step ups 

Post WOD stretch
Bike stretch
30-45 sec hold each side

10 hollow rocks
20 flutter kicks
30 sec plank

Friday, December 20, 2013

Dec 20 my personal WOD- kettle bells, front squats, sit-ups, run

I know I won't be able to make today's On-Ramp Bootcamp WOD, so I went to the gym this morning and worked out on my own. 
My totals, accounting for warm-up, WOD and Cashout were: 1 mile run, 45 kettle bell swings, 45 front squats + 20 overhead squats, 45 sit-ups, 100 flutter kicks.

Warm Up
400m Run(.25)

2 Rounds
10 passthroughs 
10 reverse passthroughs
10 Romanian deadlifts
10 overhead squats

21 kettle bell swings (15 kg)
21 front squats (6 lb dumbell)
21 sit-ups 
400m Run(.25)

15 kettle bell swings (15 kg)
15 front squats (6 lb dumbell)
15 sit-ups 
400m Run(.25)

9 kettle bell swings (15 kg)
9 front  squats (6 lb dumbell)
9 sit-ups 
400m Run(.25)

Cash out
100 flutter kicks (50 on EACH side)

 Quad pull
Figure 4 stretch

Dec 19 On-Ramp Bootcamp WOD- wallballs, Run, push-ups

Warm Up
400m Run(.25)

2 rounds
10 Passthroughs 
10 Reverse Passthroughs 
10 Romanian deadlifts
10 Overhead Squats

4 round Tabata
Dumbell front squats
20 sec rounds 

21 -  15 - 9
Wallballs (8# or 20#)
Flash push-ups 
Run 200m (.13)

Post WOD Stretch
Quad Pulls

50 Russian Twist w/ 10# Plate

Class scores
Julia 9:52
Donna 10:38
Lisa 14:15
Rosa 14:30
Rebecca 19:10

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Baked Curry chicken- Whole30, Paleo

This baked curry chicken is one of my regular staples. It's super easy to make. 
I generously sprinkled the chicken with yellow curry, salt and pepper.
Cover and bake at 350 for 4 hours.
I turn the chicken over half way through baking, re-cover.

Dec18 On-Ramp Bootcamp WOD- Wall balls, sit-ups & run

Warm up:
400m Run(.25)

2 Rounds
10 Push-ups
10 Squats
10 sit-ups

DB Front Squats
4 rnd Tabata
20 sec rounds

21 - 15 - 9
Wall Balls
Run 200m(.13) (after each round)

Post WOD stretch:
Quad pulls

50 Russian twists w/10 or 8 lb ball

Barb- 12:46
Julia- 9:58

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dec 17 On-Ramp WOD- Death by Burpees

Warm up
.25 tredmill
5 back extensions
5 inch worms
5 back extensions
5 Spider-Man crawls

3 rounds
10 Mountain climbers

Death by Burpees
-Each minute on the minute
Increase # of Burpees by 1 rep

    Example:  1rst rnd 1 Burpee in 1 minute
                     2nd rnd 2 Burpees in 1 minute
                     3rd rnd  3 Burpees in 1 minute
                      4th rnd 4 Burpees in 1 minute
                      And so on......
-Do back extensions until last team mate standing.

I was the last standing so I did not do back extensions. 
I did 12 one minute rounds, 12 Burpees in my last round for a total of 78 Burpees.

50 Hip Bridges

Cabbage soup- Whole30, Paleo

Here's the cabbage soup I made tonight. It has coconut oil and cumin. 
I chopped 1/2 head of cabbage
Chopped up celery
Green, yellow and red bell peppers
One can of diced tomatoes in tomato juice
2 cans of chicken broth
And water to cover the veggies (about 2 cups)

The cumin gives it such a nice taste, I just looooove cumin. 
Tonight I will take some of the cabbage, not the juice, and serve pork steak over it.
The rest will make a nice soup for lunch tomorrow. Yum!

Pork steaks- Paleo, Whole30

Dinner tonight will be pork steaks over cabbage.
I used a tablespoon of coconut oil to coat the pan, added the steaks and grilling seasonings to brown the steaks.  Sliced a yellow pepper and added that in. Then I added water and lowered the heat to slow cook them nice and tender.

Turkey and sweet taters #Paleo #Whole30

These were leftovers the day after thanksgiving. I ate pretty healthy during that time. Refrained from eating naughty stuff.
Turkey, lettuce with lemon juice and grape seed oil, sweet potatoes mashed, the white pieces in the sweet potatoes is red delicious apple slices.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dealing with Olecranon Bursitis

Olecranon Bursitis

I decided to write this post to help other people being diagnosed with this condition to have an idea of what to expect in the days following diagnosis and treatment. These are my personal experiences. Not everyone will have this extreme case which ended in surgery.

* Warning * Graffic yucky pics are contained herein, do not proceed if you are bothered by pics of inflammation, surgical insicions, stitches, bruises, dried blood and that sort of thing.  You have been warned. Proceed at your own risk.

What is it?
According to WebMD, Olecranon Bursitis aka Popeye Elbow  is inflamation of the Olecranon Bursa located at the back of the elbow.
It causes pain, inflamation and redness.
The doctor can usually just drain it with a needle but in my case there was an infection, antibiotics did nothing to it and I had to have surgery.

What does it look like?
Pic from OrthoInfo

Timeline in my particular case:

Mon. Sept 23. Onset of symptoms. Elbow started to hurt. 
Tues. sept 24. Elbow and surrounding area swollen, red, hot to the touch .
Went to see my family practitioner. She tried to drain it and did not get anything out so she put me on antibiotics and gave me a referral to an Orthopedic surgeon. I was running a low grade temperature.

Thurs. Sept. 26 Had consult with orthopedic surgeon who changed my antibiotic and said to come back in a week.

Sun. Sept 29. Redness and irritated skin spreading from the elbow outward. Tip of elbow very painful.

Tues. Oct 1.  Follow up visit with orthopedic surgeon. She said I needed surgery the next day.

Wed. Oct 2. Surgery day.
I had no idea what was under the bandage. Was told to keep it dry for at least 48 hrs and change the dressing as necessary after that. To keep the elbow elevated above heart level when resting and to ice it for 20 mins at a time.
My throat was sore from the breathing tube and there was a burning stinging sensation in the elbow.

Sunday Oct. 6.  

I took the bandage off, it looks nasty, the strips are to be left on for now. I have bruising going on.
The whole thing hurts. Specially when I bend the elbow in any which way.

Wed. Oct. 9. Follow up visit with orthopedic. She took the long stitch out, applied glue to the incision and put steri strips on to keep the incision closed.  I still have some bruising around the top part of the elbow that did not show up on this pic. There is soreness and stiffness as I try to use that arm. Some burning and stinging in the incision site from time to time.

Thurs. oct 17

Today was my first day back working out at the gym, did not do any weight lifting, just leg work(box jumps) and Burpees. 
The elbow feels a bit stiff and I find myself babying it because it stings around the incision site when I bend it. I felt some light pulsating pain inside it tonight but not too bad. 
The top strip fell off in the shower tonight. Yes I know, it looks ugly. 

The kid's band aids came in handy, I'm sporting a Donald Duck bandaid. Cool huh? :-D

Sat. Oct. 19th. Took the rest of the strips off. 

It is now Tuesday August 19th. I have had this post in draft mode for so many months because I wanted to show what the scar would look like. So I'm finally hitting the publish button.
I hope this post helps someone dealing with the same problem, at least to see what to expect.
Note, that area is very sensitive, it hurts a LOT every time I bump it and it is very uncomfortable when doing planks. 

Dec 16 WOD- "Fight Gone Bad"-Wall Balls, Box Jumps, Back Extensions, Dumbell Strict Press

Warm up
200m Run (.13)

10 Pass Throughs
10 Back Extensions
10 Squats
10 Push Ups

2 Rounds Not For Time

Bootcamp WOD
Fight Gone Bad
3 rounds

Wall balls
Box jumps
Back extensions
Dumbell Strict Press

 My personal score

Wall balls: 25, 19, 21= 65
Box jumps: 24, 26, 25=75
Back Extensions: 30, 34, 36=100
DB Strict Press: 24, 30, 31=85
Total reps 325

Dec 12 Bootcamp WOD- Run, Front Squats

On Ramp Bootcamp WOD
December 12

1 Mile Run
50 Front Squats
1 Mile Run

Dec 10 Bootcamp WOD- "Kelley"-Run, Wallballs, Stepups

400m Run (.25)
30 Wall Balls
30 Box Jumps

300m Run (.19)
20 Wall Balls
20 Step ups

3 Rounds for Time

30 min cap.

Debbie 17:33
Tracy 18:27 Rx2
Trish 22:09
Beka 23:11

Post WOD Stretch
Calve Stretch on the Wall

Cash out
100 Jane Fondas (lay on your side and lift leg up.)
50 each side

Dec 9 On Ramp WOD- TABATA- Squats, pushups, Walking Lunges, Push Press

Warm Up

400m Run (.25)
Walking Toe Touch
Walking Figure 4
Walking Quad Pull
10 Pass Throughs
10 Overhead Squats

 5 min
5 Push Press

Bootcamp WOD
TABATA - 4 exercises, 20 secs work/10 secs, 6 rounds each

Body Weight squats
Push ups
Walking Lunges
Push Press 5#

Post WOD Stretch
Hamstring Stretch
Figure 4
Plow Streth
Bike Stretch

3x10 Knee raises (Roman Chair)

Dec 3 On-Ramp WOD-Back Extensions, Situps

Warm up
10 Romanian Dead lifts
10 Passthroughs
10 Overhead squats
10 Reverse Passthroughs

3 rounds
5 Kettle bell swings 25#


Back Extensions
Sit ups

10 minute max distance on tred mill

Dec 2 On-Ramp Bootcamp WOD-Push ups, Lunges, Knee Raises, Squats

Warm Up
400m Run (.25)
Walking Toe Touches
Walking Figure 4
Walking Quad Pulls
5 Push ups
Bike Stretch

5 min EMOM

30 sec Plank holds

Bootcamp WOD
3 rounds for Time

10 Push ups
20 Lunges
10 Knee Raises (roman Chair)
20 Squats

Nov 27 On-Ramp WOD- Step ups, Burpees

Warm Up
40 Step ups
20 Walking Toe touches
10 Toe hops
10 Jumping Jacks

2 rounds

Box Jump
Step Ups

Bootcamp WOD
100 Step Ups
For time

1 Burpee EMOM

Nov 25 On-Ramp Bootcamp WOD-Running, Pushups, Situps, Back Extensions

Warm Up
200m Run (.17)
(Tred or Eliptical)

10 Pass Throughs
20 Arm Cicles (10 forward: Backward)
20 Trunk Twist (10 each side)

2 rounds not for time

- Stepback
- Hop Back

Bootcamp WOD

Run 200m (.17)

30 Push ups

Run 200m

40 Situps

Run 200m

50 Back Extensions

Run 200m

Nov 22 On-Ramp Bootcamp WOD- Arm Haulers, Jumping Jacks

Warm Up
.17 Run
10 Pass throughs
10 Squats
10 Back Extensions

Front Squats w/ 10# Plate

Arm Haulers 40-30-20-10
Jumping Jacks 10-20-30-40

Cash Out 
10 Min Max distance on tread mill

Superior Healthcare On Ramp Bootcamp WOD's coming up

Thanks to my buddy Trish I'll be posting some of the workouts that I missed while going through all the illness in my household. Stay tuned, they did some good ones while I was gone!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tuna boats #paleo #Whole30

Tuna boats. 
Take a couple of romaine hearts, wash and set aside.
Open a can of tuna, drain and put in a bowl.
Open a can of French style green beans, drain and add to the bowl.
Throw in a few olives.
Salt and pepper to taste and a big squirt of yellow mustard also to taste ( I used about a spoonful worth)
Squeeze some lemon juice onto it, again to your liking.
Stir everything and serve on the romaine hearts. 
It makes boats, no utensils required :-)

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Chicken vegetable soup #Paleo #Whole30

This is a quick chicken soup I made this afternoon.
Used the wings off a rotisserie chicken, a package of broccoli couliflower and carrots and a handful of a red and green peppers with onions and celery mix. A can of chicken broth and a can of water, simmered till the veggies were tender.

Friday, November 22, 2013

November 21 On-Ramp WOD- "Cindy"

Warm up
10 minute Max Distance on tredmill.
Trish: .84 (5.0 then 6.3 to end)
Julia: .96 (Me) ( I started at 5.2 and half way through switched to 6.2)
Angela: .55
Charlene: .48

 2 rounds

10 Pass Throughs
40ft Walking Figure 4
40ft Walking Quad Pull
40ft Walking Toe touches

Ring rows/Trx Bands/assisted pull-up machine.
4 rounds x 8 reps
On-Ramp WOD "Cindy"
10 min AMRAP 

5 pull ups- Ring Rows
10 Push ups
15 Squats

I was in round #7 when the 10 min time limit ran out. I still needed to do the last 15 squats to complete that round.

Post WOD
Mobility Stretch
Wall Climbs (Shoulders)

Snack on eggs! Yummy #Paleo #Whole30

I've been up since very early this morning and its been 4 1/2 hrs since I had breakfast. It's now close to 10 a.m. And hunger is creeping in. Time for a mid morning kill-the-hunger-type-of-food.
Hard boiled eggs to the rescue. These definitely did the trick for me.
I seasoned them with salt, pepper and a drop of mustard. Yummy #Paleo #Whole30.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Quick tuna on romaine hearts #Paleo.

Tuna on lettuce.
Simple quick tuna dinner. 
Put tuna in a pot, add olives and diced tomatoes, simmer.
Season whichever way you like and serve over lettuce.
These are romaine hearts and I folded them and ate them like you would eat a taco.

Nov 19th On-Ramp WOD- Burpee & Farmers Carry Ladder

Tuesday November 19th On-Ramp WOD - Burpee Ladder

Warm Up

2 Rounds NFT

40ft Walking Toe Touches
40ft Walking Figure 4
40ft Quad Pulls


5 min EMOM
25 Back Extensions

 On-Ramp WOD -  Ladder

10 min AMRAP
*Each FC = 10 points

50m Farmers Carry 45/25lbs
1 Burpee

100m FC
2 Burpees

150m FC
3 Burpees

200m FC
4 Burpees

Post Wod Mobility Stretch

Bike Stretch


800m Eliptical or 1mile bike.

Nov 20th On-Ramp Crossfit WOD "Fight Gone Bad"

Thursday November 20th On-Ramp Crossfit WOD

Warm Up

400m Run (.25)

3 Rounds Not For Time

  • 10 Pass Throughs
  • 10 Reverse Pass Throughs
  • 10 Sit ups
  • 10 Squats

On-Ramp WOD

"Fight Gone Bad... ish"

2 Rounds  1 min AMRAP

  • Hip Bridges
  • Wall Balls 8-10lb
  • Situps
  • Dumbell Push Press 5-8 lbs
  • Stepups or Box Jumps
My personal score was as follows:

Hip Bridges:............................rnd 1= 35..rnd 2= 48
Wall Balls 10 lb ball :...............rnd 1= 23..rnd 2= 24
Situps:.................................... rnd 1= 24.. rnd 2= 27
Dumbell Push Press 8 lb bells:..rnd 1= 23..rnd 2= 26
Box Jumps: .............................rnd 1= 25...rnd 2= 28

TOTALS:...............................rnd 1= 130..rnd 2= 153

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tilapia with beets and broccoli #Paleo #Whole30

Tilapia with beets and broccoli cuts.

I placed tilapia filets in a baking pan, sprinkled them with grape seed oil and spices, covered them and baked them till they were almost cooked.  Then I uncovered them and finished baking. Oven we set at 350 and I did not took note of the time, just eyeballed it, it does not take long.

The broccoli was a bag of steamfresh cuts, I gave the tops to the kids and I ate the cut stalks. Seasoned with salt and pepper.

Beets were canned sliced. 

This was a super quick meal. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November 18th On-Ramp Crossfit WOD- "ANGIE"

I did not work out last week since I was sick but I'm Back!!! :-)

Monday November 18th On-Ramp Crossfit WOD- "ANGIE"


Warm Up

400m Run (.25)
20 Back Extensions
15 Body weight Squats
10 Pass throughs
5 push-ups (we changed it to 15 push ups)


EMOM (5 mins)
20 sec Planks

*We turned this into the Cashout at the end of the workout and turned it into 30 sec planks.

 On-Ramp WOD

Team workout - "ANGIE"

As team, complete all reps for time.

100 DB Rows
100 Push ups
100 Sit ups
100 Squats
*My Team mate  and I each did 50 of each.

Post WOD Mobility Stretch

90 Degree Hamstring Stretch
Figure 4 Stretch

*Times: My team mate and I did the WOD in 14:48

November 8th On-Ramp Crossfit WOD

Friday November 8th On-Ramp WOD

Warm Up

2 Rounds Not For Time

Walking Toe Touch
Walking Figure Four
Walking Quad Pull


5 minutes Each Minute On the Minute
10 Squats

5 min EMOM
10 Sec 3rd World Squat

On Ramp WOD

8 min AMRAP

20 Back Extensions
10 Squats
5 Push ups

 Post WOD Mobility Stretch

90 degree Stretch


 800 m Run/Walk (.5 mile)

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Cubed steak with mushrooms, plantains, pineapple, lettuce- Paleo, Whole30

Cubed steak with mushrooms, plantains, pineapple and red leaf lettuce.
I browned the cubed steak first and then added water and seasonings, covered and let it cook and get tender. 
I used the same pan to cook the plantain, sautée the mushrooms and warm up the pineapple.
I cut up the steak and added it back in with the mushrooms to warm It up. Served with red leaf lettuce sprinkled with vinegar. 

Thin steak over lettuce and beets- Whole30, Paleo

Sautéed thin steak to the point of browning it with a little bit of grape seed oil. 
 Added water to the pan, covered it and let it cook till tender and water had been reduced.  I sprinkled some steak seasonings while it was cooking. Just use what you have on hand, just pay attention to the ingredients (nothing with added sugar or weird ingredients).
Served over red leaf lettuce, with beets and olives. Sprinkled the lettuce with vinegar before serving the thin steak.


Friday, November 8, 2013

Nov 7th On-Ramp Crossfit Bootcamp WOD- Burpee Ladder

On-Ramp Crossfit Bootcamp - Burpee Ladder

(I personally did .5 mile on the treadmill before we started with the warm up)

 Warm Up

2 Rounds
15 Back Extensions
10 Push ups
5 Inch worms


30 Secs Plank  holds
5 minutes EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute)

WOD- Burpee Ladder

100m Run (.08)
2 Burpees

100m Run
4 Burpees

100m Run
6 Burpees....

Increase 2 Burpees each round
AMRAP in 12 minutes.
(My personal score: I made it to 12 burpees, that's 6 rounds in 12 minutes )

Post WOD Mobility Stretch

Bike Stretch
Cobra Stretch

Cash Out

200m Farmers Carry
(4 laps along the inside perimeter of the gym- Carried two 25 lb weights)

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Yellow squash, mushrooms, greens and meat sauce- #Paleo #Whole30

Yellow squash,  mushrooms, greens and meat sauce.

In a large pan add 2 tablespoons of coconut oil
Chop 5 white mushrooms or whichever mushrooms you happen to have.
Chop about 3 yellow squash.
Slice 1/4 of a green pepper.
Toss everything in the pan and sautée.
Add a big handful of greens. I had a bag of power greens that has spinach, baby bok Choy, baby red & green chard so I used that.
I also had left over thick meat sauce that I made the other day for the kids' spaghetti, I used about 5 tablespoons of that sauce in the mixture. 
Covered the whole thing for a couple of minutes till everything looked done.
I seasoned with salt and pepper.

Nov 5th & 6th- On-Ramp Bootcamp Crossfit WOD

Tues November 5th & Wed 6th On Ramp Bootcamp Crossfit WOD

Warm Up

 200m Run (.17)
10 Passthroughs
10 Reverse Pass Throughs
10 OVH Squats


 Wall Balls (#10lbs)

On Ramp WOD

2 Person Team - 15 Min Amrap
      1st Person 200 m

      2nd Person AMRAP

     5 Wall Balls 10#
     10 Sit ups

each 200m run - 20 pts
1 rnd= 10 pts

On Tuesday I worked out Solo so my workout and score looked liked this:

200 m run = 20 pts
5 wall balls + 10 sit ups= 10 pts
5 wall balls + 10 sit ups= 10 pts
 4 rounds = 160 pts

On Wednesday my buddy Trish and I did the 15min AMRAP
We did a combined no less than 7rnds X  200m runs = 140 pts  and no less than 14 rnds of the wallballs+ sit ups = 140 for a grand total of  280 pts.


30 Mountain Climbers

Post Wod Mobility Stretch

Sprinters Stretch

Dates & Almond milk latte- Paleo, Whole30, Dairy Free, Gluten free

Dates and almond milk latte

Lets face it, I love coffee, I drink it black, with almond milk, with coconut milk, strong brewed, light brewed, espresso, with or without various spices. I'm Cuban, I grew up drinking that wonderful bean juice and can't imagine living without it.  Here is a latte I came up with this morning.   If you have a Nutribullet or some sort of blender or food processor that can completely purée dates then this one is for you.

I used my Nutribullet
  • Added a steaming hot cup of regular brewed coffee, about 6 oz
  • 2 large pitted dates, I used Natural delights Medjool dates.
  • A good dash of apple pie spice (cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice)
  • About 1/3 or 1/4 cup of almond milk I just eyeballed the amount, I used Silk PureAlmond Unsweetened Vanilla.
  • Process well till smooth, silky, creamy, frothy goodness. :-)


Till next time, 
Have a happy healthy crunchy green day :-)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Nov 4th On-Ramp Bootcamp Crossfit WOD

Monday November 4th On Ramp Bootcamp Crossfit WOD

Warm up

400m Run (.25) at 5.0 incline
10 inchworms
15 Air Squats
20 Back Extensions
Bike Stretch
Runners Stretch


3 rounds 1 min each
Push Ups 
(I did 24 push ups in each round)

On Ramp WOD

2 Person Teams:
2 Rounds (1 each partner) 2:00 minutes on  each station

P1 ..................................................P2
Push Ups.........................................Plank Hold
Air Squats........................................Flutter Kicks
Sit ups..............................................Bench Dips
Bent over row (10 lb weights)..........Wall Sits

Monday, November 4, 2013

Mocha Apple Spice Latte - Paleo, Whole30, Dairy free, Gluten free, Sugar free

On a chilly morning like today I wanted something more than just plain coffee.
Here is my version of a sugar free, dairy free, sugar free, paleo mocha apple spice latte.
  • Start with a cup of hot coffee.
  • Add sugar free vanilla almond milk to taste.
  • One tea spoon of cocoa powder ( That is unsweetened 100%  pure cocoa, no milk, no sugar)
  • One tea spoon of apple pie spice (It's made up of cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice) 
  • Put it in some sort of blender/nutribullet to mix it well and froth it up.

Have a happy healthy crunchy green day! :-)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Superior Healthcare Weight Loss Program Progress Update

Weight Loss Program Progress Update

As many of you know I signed up to do the Weigh Loss Program over at Superior Healthcare of Woodstock at the end of May. I have been following the Whole30 way of eating by only consuming veggies, meats, fruits, and nuts/seeds. No sugars (unless they're naturally occurring ie: in a serving of fruit), no sweeteners, no dairy, no legumes, no grains, no artificial stuff, no alcohol.
So far I have stuck to the diet and have been attending the Superior Healthcare Boot camp at the Bodyplex.  The results have been fantastic!
If you are just starting out, I encourage you to stick with it. Yes it is a bit difficult at the beginning to change your way of eating and get into a workout routine, but it CAN be done and if you do, you WILL see results.

My initial weigh in on 5/29/13 ---- Weigh in on 10/24/13

Chest:.............. 36      ...................33 1/4
Waist: ..............38 1/4 ..................30 1/4
Hip:..................45       ..................39
% Body Fat: ....37.7    ..................29.0
BMI:  ..............29.6    ..................24.1
Weight: ...........170     ...................138.5

As of October 24th After 21 weeks of Whole30 and 18 weeks of Boot camp I have lost 31.5 Lbs and 8 inches off my waist.
Change your way of eating, get into a steady workout routine, your body will thank you!

Till next time have a happy  healthy crunchy green day :-)

Nov 1st On-Ramp Bootcamp WOD

Friday Nov 1st  On Ramp Bootcamp

Warm Up

5 min on treadmill at 5% incline
2 min rest
3 min Max Step ups
(my personal score 82 Step ups)

2 Rounds, 2 min each station

Round 1 - My personal score : 40 Wallballs (10#), 50 Sit ups, 6 Jingle Jangle
Round 2- My personal score: 42 Wall balls, 52 Sit ups, 5 Jingle Jangle

Oct 30th On-Ramp Bootcamp WOD

Warm Up

I did .35m on the tredmill before we started the workout

3 Rounds 1 min air squats
My personal time score was
Rnd 1 - 31 squats
Rnd 2-  31 squats
Rnd 3-  32 squats

12 Min AMRAP
20 Kettle Bell Swings
20 Step Ups

My personal score was 7 rounds.