Friday, November 8, 2013

Nov 7th On-Ramp Crossfit Bootcamp WOD- Burpee Ladder

On-Ramp Crossfit Bootcamp - Burpee Ladder

(I personally did .5 mile on the treadmill before we started with the warm up)

 Warm Up

2 Rounds
15 Back Extensions
10 Push ups
5 Inch worms


30 Secs Plank  holds
5 minutes EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute)

WOD- Burpee Ladder

100m Run (.08)
2 Burpees

100m Run
4 Burpees

100m Run
6 Burpees....

Increase 2 Burpees each round
AMRAP in 12 minutes.
(My personal score: I made it to 12 burpees, that's 6 rounds in 12 minutes )

Post WOD Mobility Stretch

Bike Stretch
Cobra Stretch

Cash Out

200m Farmers Carry
(4 laps along the inside perimeter of the gym- Carried two 25 lb weights)