Saturday, September 20, 2014

Whole30/Paleo breakfast- omelette w/ bacon

Hubby made me breakfast this morning, Paleo style, he did good :-)


Two eggs
Green pepper
Red pepper
Black Forest ham
Salt & pepper

The omelette had ham and the green/red pepper folded into it. So yummy.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Latest 5K runs, events and routines for July and August

Wow, can't believe we're approaching the end of August already. It's been hectic and I'm still adjusting to new schedules.

 My 5 yr old started kindergarten at the beginning of the month, and the 3 yr old is still home with me. It gets hectic with school, homework, taekwondo and On-Ramp to Crossfit Bootcamp time.

I earned my July's Get Out and Run metal by participating in the Woodstock Freedom Run on July 4th. That was a 5K in Downtown Woodstock, my chip time was 31:08, I'm striving to improve my running time with every race.  The kids loved watching the parade afterwards. The run was sponsored by Pinacle Orthopaedics, I had my elbow surgery there last year when I was dealing with olecranon Bursitis (that's another blog post).

The Run for Wounded Heroes 5K benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project followed on August 2nd. I irritated my patella tendon during Bootcamp two days before the race. Had to get a shot on the knee the day before, iced it really good that day and wore a patella strap the day of the race. I was pretty sure I would not beat my previous time. Surprised myself with a 29:45 chip time.

September will be a fun month. I'm running the Labor Day Be Your Own Hero 10K . I'm hoping to beat my previous time of 1:21. will also participate in the Spartan WOD that's coming to town at the end of the month. Will let y'all know how that goes. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Stew meat, Asparagus and yellow zucchini - Paleo/Whole30

Here it is, today's yummy supper. The yellow zucchini is from my garden, sautéed with grape seed oil along w/ the asparagus and seasoned with salt and pepper.
I browned the stew meat first then added chopped carrots, celery and green pepper from the garden. Then added 2 cans of chicken broth and garlic. Once the meat was tender I added the spuds and some water to cover. Covered and cooked till the taters were done. 
Simple and tasty. 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Dinner time, the Paleo way.

This was dinner last night. Quick and easy. Paleo and whole30 compliant.
I cooked sweet potatoes and seasoned them with salt, pepper and ghee.
The green beans were seasoned with vinegar, salt and pepper.
The beets were served plain.
For the protein I used a very thin steak, simply browned first on a skillet with grape seed oil and then I added steak seasonings and some h2o and covered to get it tender.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Paleo Mug Muffin- coconut and almond flour

Google Paleo Mug muffin or bread and you'll get a long list of recipes. 
This one is the one I have tried in the past, it has the consistency of cornbread almost, it is dense and I have eaten it with eggs and bacon as a breakfast sandwich.

In a mug mix well

1 egg
1 Tablespoon of Full fat canned coconut milk
1 level Tablespoon coconut flour.
1 level Tablespoon almond flour.
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
Dash of salt

Microwave 2 to 2:30 minutes.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Simple summer time refreshing vegetable spritzer

This is a very simple, easy to make and refreshing summer time spritzer.
I used 4 oz of ea.
La Croix  Berry sparkling water
V8 vegetable juice
Orange juice.
Everything was already cold from the fridge, ready to go after mixing. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

How much protein should you consume per day?

Do you know how many grams of protein you are supposed to consume daily? 

Here's a bit of info on that subject that I read the other day on a newsletter from Coach Matt from WOD Nation.

Basically you need .8 grams per kg of body weight.
1 lb = 0.453 kg
So say you weigh 135 lbs multiply by 0.453kg is roughly 61 kg
61 kg multiplied by .8 g is roughly 48 grams of protein.

I hope this helps.

Have a happy and healthy crunchy green day :-)

Quick and easy Paleo dinner: raw veggies topped with meat sauce.

Quick and easy Paleo dinner for today.
Chopped organic lettuce
Sliced green pepper
Sliced red pepper
Sliced organic carrot
Top with thick meat sauce.

I make the meat sauce by cooking a lb of ground beef in a large pot. 
Add garlic, red and green pepper, Italian seasonings, salt and pepper.
Add a 29oz can of kroger tomato sauce, add a little bit of water, stir and cover.
Simmer for a while till sauce cooks down to your liking.
Pour that stuff on everything from eggs to salads.