Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Weigh Loss Mission- Superior Healthcare clinical weight loss and Cross fit Bootcamp

Back at the end of May I decided to join the clinical weigh loss program at Superior Healthcare of Woodstock.

After 2 months on the Whole30 diet I lost a total of 18.25 lbs, 1.75 inches off my chest, 3.75 inches off my waist, 3 inches off my hips and my BMI went from 29.6 % down to 26.4 % thats 3.2 % points.
My energy levels have gone up tremendously and I feel much stronger now.

I'm continuing to do the Whole30 diet because I feel so much better eating this way that I don't want to go back to how I felt before. I'm also continuing to  work out 5 days a week with Superior Healthcare coaches that focus on Crossfit training.

I highly recommend Superior Healthcare of Woodstock, the staff is professional, friendly and knowledgeable.

Check out Superior Health Care of Woodstock 's Facebook Page and Website.
Check out  The BodyPlex  Website for the various classes offered.
To learn more about the Whole30 Diet check out their Website
The Whole30 Program, what you can and cannot eat.

Till next time,
Have a happy healthy crunchy green day :-)

2nd #Whole30- Week 4 recipes.

Week #4 of my second round of Whole30 is over. I've had a crazy busy week but finally here's the weeks' recipes.

Sausage with eggs and ripe plantains.

Mid afternoon pick me up. Spinach, celery stalk, apple, grapes.

More plantain for breakfast this morning, I've got quite a few ripe ones that need to be cooked this week! Also made sausage and eggs with Mrs Dash original seasoning and a little bit of hot sauce.

Getting ready to chop and dice these wonderful veggies and cook them in homemade meat sauce.

2 Zucchini, 1/4 butternut squash, 2 celery stalks, 2 radishes, one medium onion cooked in meat sauce.

Left over veggies topped with tilapia seasoned with Mrs Dash original seasoning.

1green plantain,sliced and cooked in evoo, 1 sweet potato, sliced and cooked in evoo, 2 eggs beaten in a mixture of thick ground beef sauce and about 3 table spoons of milled flax seeds.

Thin steak on top of mashed baked acorn squash and a side of plantains.

Till next time
Have a happy healthy crunchy green day :-)

Workout of the Day WOD- July 29 "Run with Cindy"

July 29

Warm up

400m run (.25)

3 rounds:
10 Back Extensions
10 Crunches
10 Pass Throughs


1 min max effort
Box Jumps or Step ups.
(my personal count was 30)

WOD - "Run with Cindy"

 20 min AMRAP:

200 m (.17)
5 Bench Dips
10 Pushups
15 Air Squats


20 Ball Slams
30/30 side plank (30 secs on each side)

My personal score on the workout was 5 rounds in 20 mins.

Workout of the Day WOD- July 26 "Helen"

July 26th

Warm up

200m (.17) run

3 rounds:

10 Back extensions
10 Push Ups
10 Sit Ups

 WOD "Helen"

3 rounds for time

(my personal time was 15:18)

400m run (.25)
21 Kettle Bell Swings
12 Flash Push Ups

Workout of the Day WOD- July 25 "Death by Burpees"

July 25 "Death by Burpees"

Warm up

400m Run
20 Back extensions
10 Pushups
10 Inchworms


EMOM (each min on the min)
Increase numbers of burpees by one

1 round = 1 Burpee
2 rounds= 3 Burpees
3 rounds= 6 Burpees
4 rounds= 10 Burpees
5 rounds = 15 Burpees
6 rounds = 21 Burpees
7 rounds = 28 burpees
8 rounds = 35 Burpees
9 rounds = 45 Burpees
10 rounds = 55 Burpees

My personal score on "Death by Burpees" was 10 rounds = 55 Burpees.

Workout of the day WOD- July 24

July 24th - WOD- BASELINE

 10 minutes Amrap

15 Squats: X 7 repetitions = 105  + 15 more = 120
10 Situps:  X 7 repetitions = 70    + 3 more   = 73
5   Pushups: X 7 repetitions= 35

My totals : 228

Workout of the Day WOD- July 23rd, "Fight Gone Bad"

Tuesday July 23rd "Fight Gone Bad"

1 minute at each station (Amrap) As many repetitions as possible
1 minute Rest after each Round.
Here's how many I did
Back Extensions: 32 + 26 + 29 = 87
Step ups:             28 + 22+ 25 = 75
Push ups:             33 + 30+ 27 = 90
Sit ups:                21 + 18 + 20 = 59
Pull ups:               15 + 15 + 16 = 46
                                my total     = 357

Workout of the Day WOD- July 22

Monday July 22nd.

Warm up

400m Run.

3 Rounds:
10  Back Extensions
10 Squats
5 Pushups


3 rounds for time (my personal time was 20:03)

200m run (.17)
20 Burpees

400m run (.25)
15 Burpees

800m run (.50)
10 Burpees

Workout of the Day WOD- July 19 TABATA

July 19 TABATA

Warm Up

 400m Run

3 rounds:
10 Back extensions
10 Box Jump or Stepup
5 Push ups


20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest
My personal numbers came up to the following

Kettle Bell swings:  9 + 9 + 9 + 9 + 10 = 46
Arm Haulers:         20+17+18+17+16 = 88
Step ups:               12+12+9  +9  +10 = 52
Bench Dips:           20+18+9  +10+10 = 67
                                               total      = 253

Friday, July 19, 2013

2nd #Whole30- Week 3 Recipes

Week #3 of my second time around on the #Whole 30 has come to a close.  Lost 2 lbs this week and I'm continuing doing the weigh loss Bootcamp from Superior HealthCare.   Here are the recipes I came up with.They're all pretty fast and simple.

 Zucchini, tomato and spinach sautéed in evoo and seasoned with original blend salt free mrs Dash. And two poached eggs to go with it.

Scrambled eggs with sausage, spinach and mustard. Nuked cabbage for 1 minute.

Plantains topped with beef, green beans on the side.

Cabbage, carrots, zucchini, lime juice, chili powder, Italian herbs and mrs Dash salt free seasoning. Topped with curried chicken breast.

I took a raw sausage patty and crumbled it up, cooked it and added an onion to it, cracked an egg over it and scrambled it up, then added the leftover cabbage carrot zucchini veggies from the other day, finally i added a couple of drops of hot sauce to it. Then I had to burn some incense cuz the hubs hates the smell of onions... But oh it was soo good!

Cooked sausage, tossed in fresh spinach to the pan and then added two eggs with a few drops of hot sauce. Quick breakfast cooked in one pan at once.

Made chicken breast with curry, used the broth to cook veggies in it. Used 1 zucchini, 1 sweet tater, 2 turnips, 1 celery stalk, 1 large carrot, 1 medium onion. Tablespoon of evoo, dash of Mrs Dash original seasonings, curry, a couple of squirts of hot sauce.

 Till next time
Have a happy healthy crunchy green day :-)


Work out of the day (WOD)- July 12, 16 & 17th

July 12 WOD

Warm UP

.25 on tredmill
 20 lunges X 2
10 burpees X 2


8 minutes AMRAP
Max unbroken pushups
20 lunges

July 16 WOD

Warm up

 .25 on tredmill
Outside warmups


Sumo Deadlift Highpull + Pushups
2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 ..etc
for example: start by doing 2 SDHP + 2 Pushups, then 4 SDHP + 4 Pushups, etc etc.

July 17 WOD

Warm Up

 5 min AMRAP
15 Squats
10 SitUps
5 Pushups


15 mins AMRAP
50m Farmers Carry (I did 10 lbs each )
50 StepUps(while holding 10 lbs in each hand)
50 Back Extensions




Friday, July 12, 2013

2nd #Whole 30 - Week 2

2nd #Whole30- Week 2

Week #2 of my second time around on the #Whole 30 has come to a close.  Lost another pound and a half this week and I'm continuing working out.   Here are the recipes I came up with.They're all pretty fast and simple.

 Eggs with curry, spinach and salsa. All cooked together then topped with salsa.

Spinach, celery, cucumber, tomatoes, topped with chicken.

Lunch: Eggs cooked with chopped up leftover chicken, salsa and a teaspoon of milled flax seeds. Two slices of tomato make up the sandwich. For fixins I used mustard, pickles and spinach.

Meet the Tomanwich. Because #WhoSaidYouNeedBread.  

 In the pot all ready to start cooking: cabbage, cauliflower, zucchini, carrot, fresh grated ginger root, garlic and butternut squash

 Pot full of veggies. Looking good. Looks like I'm going to have enough veggies and delicious broth for a couple of days . I added curry to it. Smells deeeelish.

The veggies are ready. I added beef sauce to the mix. They taste yummy!

 Icey frothy creamy refreshing coffee drink. Brewed a small strong cuppa java in the keurig and let it cool. I keep extra ripe sliced bananas individually bagged in the freezer so I used one frozen banana and some cubed ice. A few seconds in the bullet blender and done.

 Two egg omelette with meat sauce for breakfast. I also had a really ripe plantain, it was already black on the outside and soft to the touch, so I fried that up in evoo.

Cooked and mashed green plantain, drizzled with basil and garlic infused evoo. Topped with meat sauce.

Cool Icey drink . 1 frozen banana, 8oz frozen coffee ( I freeze the coffee in ice cube molds), a splash of coconut milk.

I was pressed for time tonight and really hungry so I came up with this super quick salad. It's spinach, celery, tomato, salsa, meat sauce, lime juice, grapes and fresh grated ginger root.  

Open face egg tomato sandwiches. Two eggs with salsa, on top of tomato slices and spinach. Topped with mustard and lime juice.

Chopped up half cabbage, sliced some green pepper, chopped a carrot and a good size piece of butternut squash, added ground beef, garlic, white pepper, ground cumin, celery salt and evoo. Cook on low, add a little bit of water to create some steam.

 Till next time
Have a happy healthy crunchy green day :-)