Saturday, June 29, 2013

Workout of the day (WOD) June 27 & 28- #Bootcamp #Crossfit #Superior Healthcare

On the 27th  I was VERY sore from the previous workout.  My glutes and thighs were screaming at me so I used the Vibe board over at Superior Health Care earlier in the afternoon to try to shake out some of the pain and loosen up the muscles. I did feel a little bit better after that.

Workout of the day -June 27

Warm up
400 m Walk (.25) on tredmill
30 Back Extensions
20 Pushups
10 Mountain Climbers
5 Sprinters Stretch

12 minutes As Many Reps as possible ( I was able to do 2 1/2 sets)

200 m run .17 tred or .75 bike (I opted to do the .75 bike)
1 Hate Maker

A Hate maker consists of 20 Mountain Climbers + 5 Push ups + 1 Burpee

Workout of the day -June 28

10 reps X 10 Overhead Squats while holding up PVC pipe

Pass Throughs
Wall climbs
Bike stretches
Sprinters Stretch
Figure 4 Stretches

Till next time,
Have a happy healthy crunchy green day :-)

Refreshing drink while on #Whole30

Instead of plain ole water I have been making herbal water.
I take fresh Mint sprigs growing in my garden and put them in a large jug of water.
Cut up a lemon or lime (whichever I happen to have at that moment)
Sometimes I like to cut up a cucumber and add it to the jug.
I pour myself a glass and add more water to the jug for next time. 
 Goooood and Refreshing! #Whole30

Till next time,
Have a happy healthy crunchy green day :-)

Whole30 Program- Week 4

Week #4 on the #Whole30 program is over.  I lost a total of 13 lbs in 4 weeks. I'm starting my second Whole 30 since I feel so good. My energy levels have improved so much that I just can't imagine going  back to feeling chronically exhausted.
Another plus has been the improvement to my skin. I have battled with Cystic Acne my whole life.  I have tried many many treatments and nothing has worked till now. On my forth week of Whole 30 I have not had any new breakouts which is awesome for me.  
I will continue to post daily recipes on my Facebook Page.  As well as the weekly blogpost with  the compilation of all the recipes for the week. 

Here's the compilation of Week 4 meals.  You will notice that most of them are quick easy meals, prepared with whatever I happened to have on hand. I don't have time to do elaborate meals since my two little ones keep me very busy. Most of the time while I'm trying to cook I have a little munchkin attached to one leg while the other is trying to get to the dog food or into some sort of trouble. So you get the gist! :-) 

 Chopped up chicken, peppers, broccoli, eggs scramble with a sweet potato for lunch.
I simply nuked the sweet potato 6 mins in the microwave with a little bit of water for steam.

I had to make do with what I had on hand so I came up with this.
Cabbage, cauliflower, tuna, evoo, garlic, pepper, evoo enfused with garlic and basil. Sautéed till done.

Hamburger patty, sweet potato and green beans for dinner. Made enough for tomorrow's lunch too.

Cabbage leaves, leftover hamburger patty cut up, red pepper, pickles, mustard, apples.

Instead of an egg scramble or a frittata, I opted for hard boiled eggs for breakfast. I made a chunky sauce to pour on top of the eggs : a large tomato (chopped) with a teaspoon of garlic, a dash of Italian seasonings and red pepper. Simmer and pour over eggs.

I bought a rotisserie chicken for the dogs. After I pulled all the meat off the carcass for the pooches, I tossed the bones in a stock pot and added carrots, semi ripe plantain, a sweet potato, garlic and fresh ginger root. The garlic and fresh ginger gave it a nice punch. It was Delish and have plenty left over.
Lunch: Scrambled an egg and added meat sauce to it, served on a bed of baby spinach, drizzled with evoo infused with basil and garlic, added a little bit of vinegar, salt and pepper.

Leftover meat sauce over baby spinach, fried plantain, beets.

Till next time,
Have a happy healthy crunchy green day :-)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Workout of the day (WOD) June 26- #Bootcamp #Crossfit #Superior Healthcare

First let me talk about the Phase #2 of the Weigh loss program over at Superior Healthcare of Woodstock.
I'm doing the regular stretching exercises with a few new ones added to it.
Yesterday I started out doing planks (fyi, not as easy for me at all), I was able to do one plank and hold it for 1 minute and on the second i was only able to hold it for 45 seconds. Yes I'm out of shape!
Crunches (not bad), and another one where you sit on a big ball and use stretchy bands pulling from the wall towards you.

The bootcamp workout was a killer for me last night. Boy am I feeling it today. My thighs and glutes are mad at me. The wonderful staff at Superior HC suggested drinking lots of water and stretching, I'll just push through it. Just made a fresh batch of my mint from the garden and lemon water and will be drinking that throughout the day.

This is what we did yesterday (June 26):

Workout of the day -June 26

Warm up
400 m Walk (.25) on tredmill

As Many Reps as possible in 1 minute with 1 minute rest in between.(2 sets)

27   Back Extensions (did these instead of the Kettle Bell Swings to start out with)
27   Pushups
18   Situps
27   Air Squats (did these instead of Wall balls to start out with)
16   Stepups

After that first set we did a second set to try to beat the numbers from the first set.
This really shot the intensity of the exercises up!
I beat all of my first numbers but the situps got me, I was able to go past the original 18 but i couldn't come up all the way, so the last 3 were more like crunches.

Looking forward  to do some much needed stretching over at SHC this afternoon and then going to bootcamp at the Bodyplex.  We'll see what kind of torture Coach has for us today LOL! :-)   

Till next time,
Have a happy healthy crunchy green day :-)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Workout of the day (WOD) June 25- #Bootcamp #Crossfit #Whole30

I Started Phase II of the medical weigh loss program over at Superior Healthcare of Woodstock, So aside from the diet regime I'm now starting their bootcamp workouts.  These workouts are crossfit training and intense. I felt great afterwards and I'm definitely feeling it in my glutes today :-).
I'll be tracking my workouts and progress here on the blog.
Even though this is my 4rth and final week of the #Whole30 program I will continue it for another 30 days.
I have felt so good this last week that I just don't want to give that up.

Workout of the day -June 25

I did Rx2 to start out
Warm up
400 m Run/Walk (.25)
Walking Knee Hugs - 2 laps
Walking Figure 4 - 2 laps

400 m Bike
40 Lunges
400 m Run
 Till next time,
Have a happy healthy crunchy green day :-)

Friday, June 21, 2013

#Whole30 Program- Week 3

End of 3rd week on the #Whole30 program.  I lost 3 lbs this week for a total of 13 1/2 lbs so far in 3 weeks. 
My energy levels have definitely improved.  I did not feel that chronicly tired feeling this past week which was great!

Here's the compilation of Week 3 meals:

 Sautéed  leftover curry chicken breast with portobello mushrooms, green pepper and tomato, in evoo, over a bed of lettuce. Seasoned with garlic pepper.

Cut up 2 large carrots and about 4 big leaves of cabbage, in the crock pot with 3 cups of water, chicken bones from yesterday's curry chicken, and 2 tablespoons of coconut milk.

Cooking up a green plantain in a bit of evoo.

Plantains, broccoli, green pepper, zucchini with garlic pepper seasoning, sautéed in evoo e fused with Garlic and basil. Now throw some protein on the grill and the meal will be complete.

 Curry baked chicken breast with broccoli, couliflower, yellow squash, zucchini, tomatoes and garlic and green pepper.

two fried eggs, fresh cucumber, left over cauliflower, broccoli, yellow squash.

Found minimally processed, no artificial ingredients Italian chicken sausage at target today. Ingredients list: skinless chicken, water, red and green dried peppers, salt, paprika, fennel seed, black pepper, onion.

For dinner today I cooked cabbage leaves, steamed a zucchini and chopped it up, stuffed the cabbage leaves with the zucchini and meat sauce.

Sautéed zucchini and red pepper in evoo. Meat sauce on the side.

Cooked ripe plantain, cucumber, chicken Italian sausage.

Everything was delicious, We'll see what I can come up with this coming week.
Till next time,

Have a happy healthy crunchy green healthy day!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

3rd week on #Whole30 almost over.

3rd week on the #Whole30 program is almost over. I get weighed tomorrow, although I don't feel like I have lost any weight this week.  I've been VERY GOOD, no cookies or bread, or pasta or rice. 
The hardest has been not having cream in my coffee, but coconut milk has helped with that. This week I tried cinnamon in the coffee, I all found that apple pie spice makes the coffee super yum. By the way, apple pie spice is simply cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice.
The first 2 weeks were brutal as my energy levels hit rock bottom. I'm finally feeling like I have some energy and not about to kill over. 
I plan on doing a blogpost this weekend with a compilation of this weeks' recipes.

Till then, Have a crunchy green healthy day! :-)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Whole30 diet program. Week 2.

The second week on the Whole30 program has come to an end.  
This week I lost 2 & 1/2 lbs, for a total of 10 & 1/2 lbs in two weeks.

Here's this weeks' compilation of meals.

Frittata with shredded cabbage, broccoli and carrots, added a chopped tomato, and two tablespoons of meat sauce in the middle. Almost ready to add the two eggs.

Added the two eggs to it, almost ready. Will  roll it up like a burrito.

Quick dinner. Chicken avocado tomato lettuce wrap with green beans and a sweet potato sprinkled with cinnamon.

Cooked in the crock pot: carrots, eggplant, cabbage, sweet potatoes, cauliflower. Seasoned with pepper, curry and cumin. Just need a grilled burger patty to complete my meal.

Scramble roll: ground beef, tomato, red pepper and two eggs. Some organic lettuce and done.

Tomato, Bella mushrooms, red pepper, cooked with a bit of evo. Covered and left to simmer for a while on low.

Lettuce, cucumber, grated ginger root, lemon juice. Cauliflower with evoo end used with garlic and basil. Meat sauce.

Ready for the crock pot: carrots, beets, red pepper, purple cabbage, ginger root.

I like how this one came out, really tasty. Carrots, beets, red pepper, purple cabbage, fresh ginger, garlic, cooked in the crock pot. Meat sauce in the middle.

Made 2 chicken breasts in the crock pot today. They're seasoned with curry.

Chicken breast cooked in the crock pot with curry, green beans with garlic pepper seasoning, beets, sweet potato with cinnamon.

Till next week, have a happy healthy crunchy green day! :-)

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Whole30 diet program. Week 1.

I'm on the Whole30 diet and wanted to share some of the recipes that I came up with on this my first week.
So far I have lost 8 lbs, we'll see how week 2 goes.

What I can't eat: dairy, legumes, sugar, grains, alcohol. So.. no milk, cheese, yogurt, creamer, peanuts, beans, breads, pasta, crackers, cookies, etc.

What I can eat: meat, fish, vegetables, eggs, fruit, nuts and seeds.

Here are some of the meals from my 1st week.

Breakfast Red leaf lettuce wraps. Sautéed in evoo 2 small white mushrooms, diced a piece of green pepper, tossed in a handful of broccoli slaw ( comes shredded in a bag and has broccoli, carrots and red cabbage) added 2 medium eggs. Season w pepper and Place the mixture in lettuce leaf, roll up and enjoy.

Lunch Red leaf lettuce, vine ripe tomatoe, baby Bella mushrooms, English cucumber, topped with homemade meat sauce.

Tasty dinner salad. Bed of red leaf lettuce, English cucumber, beets, ripe vine tomatos, green beans, baby Bella mushrooms, steak strips. Yum yum!

Breakfast. Lettuce egg wraps. Here's a pic before assembling. Today I used baby Bella mushrooms, red pepper, tomatoe, shredded carrot cabbage broccoli.
Lettuce pouches ready.

Lunch: salad- red leaf lettuce, oven roasted turkey breast slices, vine ripe tomatoes, English cucumbers, avocado.

My Delish diner salad tonight. Cucumbers, red peppers, shredded cabbage carrots broccoli, beef strips, steamed broccoli, vine ripe tomatoes, beets.

Time for breakfast! Tomatoes, red and green peppers, Bella mushrooms and 2 eggs on a bed of red leaf lettuce, and little pieces of left over baked chicken on top.

Lunchtime: tiny sandwiches. Lettuce, cucumber, tomato, turkey breast, lettuce, strawberry. Assemble and eat!

Tomatoes, Bella mushrooms and eggs.. Come to momma!

Time for lunch. Red leaf lettuce, cucumbers, sautéed spinach baby chard and baby bok Choy leaves with olive oil infused with garlic and rosemary. Sauce made by blending a medium tomato and a small avocado added some garlic and reduced on low heat.
In the works, 2 eggs, red and green pepper, tomato, spinach, baby chard, baby bok Choy leaves, and pepper.

Dinner salad. Tuna fish, grapes, avocado, tomatoes, red left lettuce. Pepper to taste.

Lunch today consisted of a veggie plate w chicken in the middle. Cucumbers, carrots, red leaf lettuce, red pepper, broccoli ,for the tangy green sauce I processed a small avocado, a squirt of yellow mustard, juice from 1/2 lemon, slice of cucumber, slice of red pepper, teaspoon minced garlic and a squirt of extra virgin olive oil infused with garlic and basil.

Crock pot creation for dinner. This concoction is on right now. The crock pot is working its magic. I chopped up a nice big carrot, cabbage and cauliflower, garlic, red pepper, added water and just now added some of the homemade meat sauce.

Homemade meat sauce for the kids and hubby's spaghetti, I reserved this bowl for myself so I can make something with it.

Meat sauce and greens frittatta. Used some of the meat sauce from yesterday, sautéed spinach, chard and bok Choy,2 eggs and done.

I had the left over cabbage, cauliflower, carrot crockpot meal for dinner yesterday and oh boy, its so good the next day. I added yellow curry to it and it was delicious.

There you have it. I'll be playing with the same veggies cooked different ways and doing different variations of these meals for the second week. Lets see how it goes.

Till next time,
Have a happy healthy crunchy green day!