Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dec 17 On-Ramp WOD- Death by Burpees

Warm up
.25 tredmill
5 back extensions
5 inch worms
5 back extensions
5 Spider-Man crawls

3 rounds
10 Mountain climbers

Death by Burpees
-Each minute on the minute
Increase # of Burpees by 1 rep

    Example:  1rst rnd 1 Burpee in 1 minute
                     2nd rnd 2 Burpees in 1 minute
                     3rd rnd  3 Burpees in 1 minute
                      4th rnd 4 Burpees in 1 minute
                      And so on......
-Do back extensions until last team mate standing.

I was the last standing so I did not do back extensions. 
I did 12 one minute rounds, 12 Burpees in my last round for a total of 78 Burpees.

50 Hip Bridges