Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Frost Clothes Drying Rack- what a nice mothers day gift :-)

The hubby got me the clothes rack that I've been wanting.
It's the Ikea Frost drying rack.I was surprised on how big it actually is when you open it up!
What a nice early mother's day gift :-)
Here it is with a full load of diaper laundry.

Have a happy crunchy green healthy day! :-)

Pearl Earrings and pouch Giveaway

I  got these pearl earrings free from sneakpeek but they're too small for my taste, so I'm giving them away.
As you can see they are tiny tiny!  I think they would be ok for a little girl to play dress up. :-)

Also giving away a small sample zippered bag that I just received in the mail from Target. It would be a nice wipe travel bag.

Just go down to the Rafflecopter and enter as soon as it goes live on 5/3, will run it till 5/13
This is my first giveaway EVER so bear with me here :-)


Using Ikea "burp" cloths as Flat diapers

I have been wanting to give the Ikea burp cloths a try as flat cloth diapers, so hubby picked up a pack of 2 for me. Here are my findings.


Nowhere on the package will it say that they're burp cloths. He found them at an end cap by the kids section. They're 27 1/2 by 27 1/2. The two in the package are one white and one print.  They're 100 % cotton.
This one had a cute print. I do not know if they make them in other prints though.
And now for the folding. Just fold it down to the size you need, use it as a prefold with or without snappi.

 You also fold both together or fold the white one and use it as an extra soaker pad.


I poured 4 ounces of water on top of the soaker and it absorbed it all, so far so good, I think it can handle another 4 ounces since it was not saturated after the first 4.

 This is how they look on the kids.
 On a VERY WIGGLY 1 year old :-) sloppy job folding but Hey I got it on her!  She's 20 lbs.

 Here it is on my 30 lb almost 3 year old.

 So there you have it. Ikea burp cloths used as Flat diapers.

Have a Crunchy Green Healthy day! :-)