Monday, November 3, 2014

What's for lunch? Delicata squash w/ Brussel sprouts and green fried plantain

I bought this delicata squash at Walmart 2 weeks ago and it has been seating on my counter waiting waiting waiting to be eaten. Today was the day. My lunch options were pretty grimm, as I really need to do some grocery shopping for some fresh veggies. 
I went on a scavenging hunt in my fridge and found a pack of frozen Brussel sprouts. There was a semi-green plantain in the pantry and some grape seed oil. 
I fried the plantain in a little bit of the grapeseed oil. Drizzled the oil over the sprouts and the squash and seasoned with salt and pepper. I broiled them on low till the squash and the sprouts were tender.
This is my lunch today. I'm saving the other half for later.