Friday, December 27, 2013

Dec 27 On-Ramp Bootcamp- Box jumps, back extensions

Warm up
400m Run (.25) *I personally did .50 instead
20 Walking Toe touch ( 10 each leg)
10 back extensions
5 Burpees

Kettle bell swings
4 rounds of 10 reps
use 10# plate if needed
Take 1-2 min rest between sets
*I used a 26# kettle bell but finished the last 5 reps with a 35# 

Bootcamp WOD
3 Rounds
30. 20. 10. Reps
Back extensions 
Box Jumps

Rx1 = 1ft Box (cardio Deck)
Rx2 = 1 aerobic platform + 2 steps each side
Rx3 =Step-ups

* 5 months ago I was doing step ups, then eventually moved to box jumps on the aerobic platform, first with no steps, then added one step then two. Tonight I finally moved to the 1 ft box! 

My personal time for the WOD was 5:48

Post WOD stretch
Calve stretch on the wall.

800m Run(.50)