Thursday, August 22, 2013

Work out of the day "Mini Angie" #WOD #Crossfit- August 19

WOD August 19

 Warm Up

 "Death by 10 meter" sprints. 
Coach set up two cones 10m apart. 
In the first minute you run from cone to cone once, second minute you do it twice, 
third minute run 3 times and so on till you can't complete the number of runs in a minute. 

My personal time: I went up to 13 minutes and was able to complete 12 runs within the last minute before I ran out of time. Ran a total of 90 sprints in 13 minutes.

"Mini Angie"

For time: My personal time 3:38
25 Push ups
25 Air squats
25 Sit ups
25 Dips

 Cash Out

400m (8 laps) Farmers Carry