Monday, August 26, 2013

Burglary on Jamerson Rd

A warning to neighbors living along Jamerson Rd near Canton Rd in Marietta near the Cherokee/Cobb county line:

A Thief stole a blower and a weed eater right out of our carport on Sunday August 25 at approximately 2:59 am.

Have you seen this Thief?


We filed a police report with Cobb County Police Department (Precinct #4) first thing Sunday morning.

I  want to send a warning to other people living along Jamerson Rd near Canton  Rd in Marietta (close to the Cherokee/Cobb county line), don't leave anything out in your carport! and file a police report if anything comes up missing!

These items were not visible from the road so this guy must of been scoping out the street on foot or watching my husband do yard work during the day.

It is not the first time things have come up missing. About 2 years back our tile saw was stolen out of the carport.  Just last week our next door neighbor on the corner found his vehicles had been riffled through, nothing missing but contents had been gone through. Further down the street also this year another neighbor had his bicycle stolen out of his carport and last year another neighbor on the same street had his music equipment stolen out of his house. (these last two neighbors i don't know which houses there were, they both alerted everyone on the street by going door to door letting everyone know what happened when it happened.)

Link to TV News coverage by Veronica Griffin of CBS Atlanta

Take a look at the video  and pictures and keep alert!