Tuesday, September 17, 2013

#Whole30 Month 4 week 3

Week #15 of #Whole 30

I Had a good workout and my abs were still sore from the day before and the one before that. I was hungry so I made myself a green plantain, sliced and cooked with a bit of olive oil, then I warmed up some roast beef in the same pan. That did the trick.

Ground beef with zucchini and yellow squash with a side of cucumbers drizzled with lemon juice, vinegar and salt. Super Quick.

Sept 11
For a quick meal before workout  I had bacon and 2 eggs fried over well, rolled them up in lettuce leaves.

Post workout snack  was an apple with almond butter "sandwich".

Cooked some ripe plantains to have with the meat sauce later.

I made meat sauce for the kids and hubby's spaguetti. I always reserve a bowl of it for myself so I can add it to veggies or eggs.  It tasted really good on lettuce too.