Friday, July 12, 2013

2nd #Whole 30 - Week 2

2nd #Whole30- Week 2

Week #2 of my second time around on the #Whole 30 has come to a close.  Lost another pound and a half this week and I'm continuing working out.   Here are the recipes I came up with.They're all pretty fast and simple.

 Eggs with curry, spinach and salsa. All cooked together then topped with salsa.

Spinach, celery, cucumber, tomatoes, topped with chicken.

Lunch: Eggs cooked with chopped up leftover chicken, salsa and a teaspoon of milled flax seeds. Two slices of tomato make up the sandwich. For fixins I used mustard, pickles and spinach.

Meet the Tomanwich. Because #WhoSaidYouNeedBread.  

 In the pot all ready to start cooking: cabbage, cauliflower, zucchini, carrot, fresh grated ginger root, garlic and butternut squash

 Pot full of veggies. Looking good. Looks like I'm going to have enough veggies and delicious broth for a couple of days . I added curry to it. Smells deeeelish.

The veggies are ready. I added beef sauce to the mix. They taste yummy!

 Icey frothy creamy refreshing coffee drink. Brewed a small strong cuppa java in the keurig and let it cool. I keep extra ripe sliced bananas individually bagged in the freezer so I used one frozen banana and some cubed ice. A few seconds in the bullet blender and done.

 Two egg omelette with meat sauce for breakfast. I also had a really ripe plantain, it was already black on the outside and soft to the touch, so I fried that up in evoo.

Cooked and mashed green plantain, drizzled with basil and garlic infused evoo. Topped with meat sauce.

Cool Icey drink . 1 frozen banana, 8oz frozen coffee ( I freeze the coffee in ice cube molds), a splash of coconut milk.

I was pressed for time tonight and really hungry so I came up with this super quick salad. It's spinach, celery, tomato, salsa, meat sauce, lime juice, grapes and fresh grated ginger root.  

Open face egg tomato sandwiches. Two eggs with salsa, on top of tomato slices and spinach. Topped with mustard and lime juice.

Chopped up half cabbage, sliced some green pepper, chopped a carrot and a good size piece of butternut squash, added ground beef, garlic, white pepper, ground cumin, celery salt and evoo. Cook on low, add a little bit of water to create some steam.

 Till next time
Have a happy healthy crunchy green day :-)