Saturday, October 26, 2013

SCCY CPX-2 test drive @Pannell's Firearms and dimension wise comparisonw/ GLOCK 19

I went to the SCCY range Experience today over at Pannell's Firearms and Range
 to test drive the SCCY CPX-2.  SCCY supplied the gun, ammo and range time. 
I'm no expert but these are my impressions of the piece.
I love my Gen 3 GLOCK 19 but I enjoyed shooting with the SCCY CPX-2.  
It is about 1" smaller all around and a little lighter than my GLOCK (by 5.99oz) making it a less bulky pistol for conceal carry. It feels like my Glock, only slimmer, and lighter.
I noticed a long trigger pull and a bit more recoil but nothing I couldn't handle.  
Overall I liked the way it fit in my hand, the grooves for the fingers in the grip makes it very comfy. 
My trusty GLOCK is still my choice for home defense, but the SCCY CPX-2 is definitely one of my top choices for conceal carry, plus it is considerably affordable at around 279 vs 500 for a Glock.

Here are the measurements of the CPX-2 in case you were wondering and the measurements for the GLOCK 9x19mm for comparison.

Comes with two 10 rnd mags.
Barrel Length: 3.1"
Height: 4"
Length: 5.7"
Width: 1"
Weight: 15oz

Comes with two 15 rnd mags.
Barrel Length: 4.02"
Height: 5"
Length: 6.85"
Width: 1.18"
Weight: 20.99oz

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