Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Veggie and Bacon soup- #Whole30 #Paleo

It was a cold day and I felt like having soup. I put this together with what I just happened to have in the fridge and it did not take long to cook.

Yellow squash
Baby Bella mushrooms
Butternut squash

Put some grape seed oil in a large pot. You can use whatever you have on hand: olive oil, coconut oil, etc.
Add everything except for avocado and yellow squash. Stir.
While those veggies cook a bit go find some protein and chop it up. I used Bacon, feel free to use chicken, turkey, steak, etc.
I added the uncooked chopped bacon to the veggies an let it cook a little bit more. 
Add your spices. I happen to have Badia brand Cuban Mojo marinade, so I added some of that.
Dump in the avocado and yellow squash, stir and add water.
Simmer covered till everything is nice and tender. 
Add salt to taste.

Voila! Enjoy a nice hot bowl of soup!