Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Meat sauce stuffed lettuce boat #Whole30

I made my simple meat sauce today since I'm making chili for the kiddos and hubby.
As always, I reserved a bowl before I added the chili beans.  That way I can use the meat sauce on my veggies, eggs, salads etc.

First I browned 1 lb of ground beef and seasoned it with a tablespoon of minced garlic and chopped green pepper.  If I were to make spaghetti sauce I would add Italian seasonings, but since this one was destined for chili, I left those out.

I use two 15 oz cans of Krogers' tomato sauce, make sure you read the label, use one that does not have sugars added to it. 
I let it all simmer for a while and reserve a bowl of it before I added the beans.

I used the meat sauce to fill a nice big leaf of lettuce. This is a cross breed between romaine and iceberg and holds up pretty nicely. I chopped up some regular iceberg and added a generous amount of sauce to it.  Ate it like a taco, no utensils required.