Thursday, June 27, 2013

Workout of the day (WOD) June 26- #Bootcamp #Crossfit #Superior Healthcare

First let me talk about the Phase #2 of the Weigh loss program over at Superior Healthcare of Woodstock.
I'm doing the regular stretching exercises with a few new ones added to it.
Yesterday I started out doing planks (fyi, not as easy for me at all), I was able to do one plank and hold it for 1 minute and on the second i was only able to hold it for 45 seconds. Yes I'm out of shape!
Crunches (not bad), and another one where you sit on a big ball and use stretchy bands pulling from the wall towards you.

The bootcamp workout was a killer for me last night. Boy am I feeling it today. My thighs and glutes are mad at me. The wonderful staff at Superior HC suggested drinking lots of water and stretching, I'll just push through it. Just made a fresh batch of my mint from the garden and lemon water and will be drinking that throughout the day.

This is what we did yesterday (June 26):

Workout of the day -June 26

Warm up
400 m Walk (.25) on tredmill

As Many Reps as possible in 1 minute with 1 minute rest in between.(2 sets)

27   Back Extensions (did these instead of the Kettle Bell Swings to start out with)
27   Pushups
18   Situps
27   Air Squats (did these instead of Wall balls to start out with)
16   Stepups

After that first set we did a second set to try to beat the numbers from the first set.
This really shot the intensity of the exercises up!
I beat all of my first numbers but the situps got me, I was able to go past the original 18 but i couldn't come up all the way, so the last 3 were more like crunches.

Looking forward  to do some much needed stretching over at SHC this afternoon and then going to bootcamp at the Bodyplex.  We'll see what kind of torture Coach has for us today LOL! :-)   

Till next time,
Have a happy healthy crunchy green day :-)