Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Workout of the day (WOD) June 25- #Bootcamp #Crossfit #Whole30

I Started Phase II of the medical weigh loss program over at Superior Healthcare of Woodstock, So aside from the diet regime I'm now starting their bootcamp workouts.  These workouts are crossfit training and intense. I felt great afterwards and I'm definitely feeling it in my glutes today :-).
I'll be tracking my workouts and progress here on the blog.
Even though this is my 4rth and final week of the #Whole30 program I will continue it for another 30 days.
I have felt so good this last week that I just don't want to give that up.

Workout of the day -June 25

I did Rx2 to start out
Warm up
400 m Run/Walk (.25)
Walking Knee Hugs - 2 laps
Walking Figure 4 - 2 laps

400 m Bike
40 Lunges
400 m Run
 Till next time,
Have a happy healthy crunchy green day :-)