Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ready to potty train with Grovia

Ready to potty train with the Grovia trainer.  I purchased the Grovia trainer in the Cloud color which comes with cloud color side panels. Side panels in other colors and larger size are sold separately.  This trainer has a pocket but does not come with inserts, it does however have a sown in hidden layer of hemp/cotton terry blend inside the pocket.   Per the packaging this shell is a One Size and will fit from 30  to over 33 lbs. Since my toddler is just over 31 lbs and 2T I decided to also get the 3T-5T Plus size side Flex panels in Kiwi color.
The outer shell is TPU, absorbent layer is Hemp/Cotton Terry, Inner layer is a GroCool layer that lets the child feel the wetness 100% Polyester.
The side panels have one row of snaps, if you have two children in different sizes like me then just switch between the two sets of sides in the two different sizes. The shell also has a row of snaps to adjust the rise.
According to washing instructions on packaging you cannot use bleach. It is recommended that you wash on warm and tumble dry.  Before first use wash/dry 2-3 times.

Here's a pic of the trainer with the regular panels and the 3-5T side panels.
 The regular panels give my toddler a nice snug fit.
 There is a row of snaps to adjust the rise, here is the trainer with the row snapped.
 There is plenty of room to grow in the bum area.
You can see the difference in size between the regular side panels (cloud) and the plus size panels (kiwi)

 I switched to the plus size sides to make it easier for him to pull the trainer up and down.
 The trainer has a pocket but comes with no insert. I stuffed it with a Thirsties Doubler (pink) that I had to show how it would look. It fits it pretty good.
 The width of the doubler I have (pink thirsties doubler) fits it pretty good, but one of my regular soaker pads (white underneath the pink soaker) its too wide for the pocket opening.
Here is a pic of the Grovia trainer next to the Flip and the WunderUnders
That's it for now, potty training continues..
Till next time, have a healthy crunchy green day! :-)