Monday, June 4, 2012

Potty training- The beginning of training pants

My toddler is nearing his 3rd birthday and starting pre-school this summer, so I have been searching for potty training pants that will work for him. Since he has trouble pulling his pants on/off I need something stretchy and easy to pull on and off. Also took into consideration that at this point in time he will fully "GO" in his diaper without telling me, so a trainer must have snaps to avoid having to pull it down and make a bigger mess, It also has to be able to hold a pull pee.
I decided to try two trainers (one pocket and one hybrid) custom made by  Wunderunders, and also a Flip trainer, and a Grovia trainer .

I'll write up the results of each once he starts wearing them.

Have a Happy Crunchy Green day :-)