Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Potty training with WunderUnders

WunderUnders are custom made trainers with your child's specific measurements and are completely customizable to your needs.
I decided to get both the Pocket and the Hybrid trainers with snaps to see which one would work best for my toddler.  He has a weak grasp and has trouble pulling his pants up and down so I needed something stretchy.
For the Hybrid trainer I chose the Robot print for the main body with spice orange for the side panels.
The Pocket got the Blue Dragon print for the main body with Marigold for the side panels and a stay dry layer.
I opted to have the elastic completely encased  so that the elastic doesn't irritate the skin, and side snaps to make messy changes a breeze :-)
Now for the inserts I chose a 6 ply Bamboo insert for the pocket diaper, and a 4 layer one for the hybrid.
I chose these heavy duty inserts because at this point in time my toddler is completely "going" in his diaper/trainer and I needed as much absorbency as I could get.

These trainers were made with my toddler's measurements in mind.  He weighs in at 31.7 lbs at the moment and has a 14 1/2in rise, 13in thigh and 19in waist.  The trainers came beautifully packed along with washing instructions. You can either unsnap sides or turn inside out to wash.

 On the right its the Hybrid with adorable Robot print, on the left it's the Blue Dragon print which I LOVE. These prints are absolutely stunning in person, I love the bright colors.
 Here is my boy in the pocket trainer. He had no problem pulling it on, the side elastic is very soft and stretchy making it easy for him to grasp it.
He has room to grown into, it will fit him for quite a while.

 Take a look at the insert. It has two snaps at one end to keep it all together. Unsnap before line drying to speed up the drying time since there are 6 layers of absorbancy in there!
 I like that it has two seams where the fold lines are which makes it easier to fold up. 

This is the Hybrid with the Snap in insert.
 The snap in insert has 5 snaps, two in the back, one in the middle and two in the front. This makes sure the insert stays in place as your toddler pulls the trainer up and down.
 Front shot of the hybrid trainer in Robot print.
 Hugs the thighs perfectly still allowing for a full range of movement.
 This one is a bit more trimmer looking in the bum area because the insert is 4 layers vs the 6 layers in the Pocket trainer.
 He had no problem grasping the side panels to pull them up and down.
 Pics of the two WunderUnders alongside the Grovia (Cloud) and Flip (albert print).

I love these WunderUnders and so does my son.
Our adventures in potty training continue, till next time,
Have a happy healthy crunchy green day! :-)