Friday, March 2, 2012

Homemade laundry detergent- Part 2

Here's part 2 of my homemade detergent adventure :-)

I got around today to mix the ingredients for this homemade detergent recipe. Bought my supplies at Walmart:
Borax 76 oz (4 lb 12 oz)- $3.38
Washing soda 55 oz (3 lbs 7 oz)-$3.24
 Oxygen cleaner 30 oz (1.87 lb)-$1.96
Plastic Jar-$2.97
Measured 4 cups of each and shook it all in the plastic jar. The Oxygen cleaner bucket came with a scoop that measures 2 Tablespoons exactly which is super convenient.

To test it I took a bunch of clean but old and dingy while towels and tshirts and threw them in the wash with a scoop ( 2 Tablespoons) of the homemade mix. I added the mix to the warm water first before I threw the clothes in there. The water was clear but as soon as it started to agitate it turned grey YUCK!!. I could not believe this stuff could pull off so much dirt/body oils/detergent buildup out of supposedly clean laundry. I will be doing an extra rinse. Makes me wanna go through the drawers and get all the whites out and re-wash!
This detergent will not foam up, there will not be any bubbles in there, but it doesn't mean is not working.

Have a happy crunchy green healthy day! :-)