Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wunderunders : XL Pocket Diaper, One Size Pocket Diaper, AIO pocket Trainers, Swim diaper

I want to share my thoughts and pics on my latest Wunderunders acquisitions.
1- XL Pocket diaper
2- AIO pocket trainer with stay dry inner and encased elastic.
3- Swim diaper
4- One Size pocket diaper
5- AIO pocket trainer with cotton inner and FOE.

The reason why I like Wunderunders so much is because they're highly customizable to fit your needs, the prints are really cute, they are very well made right here in the US by Wunderunders' owner Danielle,  plus I love to support a small businesses.
First I wanted to show you one of my favorites. It is an XL diaper, I call it the mother of all diapers because it fits babies from approximately 18 to 50 lbs. This diaper has snaps galore, which makes for a very good fit no matter what the shape of your baby. 

XL pocket diaper in the Yellow Dragon print aka dragon tattoo. I have the rise snapped down to the smallest setting. 

Here it is on the medium setting

 Large setting. For XL setting you would completely unsnap it .

 Stay dry inner and generous pocket opening. Notice the belly panel, great for belly sleepers, means no leaks.  I have it shown with the 4 layer bamboo diaper insert.

4 layers of bamboo

 Unsnap it for faster line drying.

Here it is on my 32 lbs 3 yr old boy. Medium rise setting. Waist setting with 4 snaps showing across the top. By the way, this diaper has a total of 12 snaps total across the top, so plenty of room to grow.

Boy, side view laying down. Notice there are 3 snaps instead of just 2 in the sides/hip area. This prevents wing droop.

Boy, side view standing.

Now I want to show you what it looks like on my 23 lbs 16 month old girl.
Here it is snapped all the way down to the smallest rise setting.

Girl, standing front view. Waist setting with only one snap showing across the top.

Girl, back view. It hugs her chunky thighs beautifully, this is my go to diaper for a day nap, or a long car ride.

Next I want to show you what an AIO (All-In-One) Pocket trainer looks like.

I won this robot print AIO trainer in a resent giveaway.

Here it is with citron yellow sides, side snaps and completely encased elastic.

View of the inside. This one has a stay dry layer. It has a hidden sewn in soaker made up of  zorb and bamboo and a pocket for you to add extra absorbancy.

Front view on my 32 lbs boy. This trainer was custom made to his measurements.
He usually wears it for Nap time and extended card rides nowadays.

Good fit  means No leakage around the thighs, specially while napping on his side.

 My kids and their Wunderunders.

 I also wanted to show you a cute little Wunderunders swim diaper  I recently won in another giveaway.

Here it is on my 16 month old girl
 Side view
 Notice it has snaps on one side for easy off in case of a poop accident.
The swim diapers don't have pockets and the lining is just like any other swim suit liner material. It is designed to keep poop in it if it happens in the pool ;-)

Now, here is the One Size pocket diaper in the Calypso Carnival print with stay dry inner lining.  This one has 10 snaps across the top and 3 rows of snaps for the rise for Small, Medium and Large setting. For XL setting you would leave it completely unsnapped.

 There's that belly panel again. I really like that feature. Also this diaper has hidden snaps on the inner side of the pocket, the beauty of it is you can use the inserts from the hybrid trainers to snap 'em in there.

 Close up of the hidden snaps, this is pure genious! a diaper insert has snaps because it folds in half and you snap it into itself and unsnap it for easy line drying but in this case you could snap it into the hidden snaps. Those snaps are there in case you want to use your hybrid inserts from the trainers. I love being able to do this!
 This is what a hybrid insert from the trainers look like, see, it snaps perfectly in there. You can either leave it on top or stuff it in. I personally like leaving it on top. These inserts have PUL on the bottom layer, so if baby pees it wont go through to the diaper itself so i can just switch it out with another insert.

 Here it is on my 23 lbs girl. I have it set on the medium rise setting. 

Side View. I have it stuffed with a hybrid trainer and a hemp booster.

Finally I want to show you an AIO trainer with Fold Over Elastic (FOE). It has a very soft and stretchy cotton inner that feels more like real underwear. It features a hidden layer of zorb and bamboo as well as a pocket so you can stuff it with an extra insert. Pictured here is one with bamboo and zorb.

Convenient snaps for quick changes when things get messy.

 There you have it, the wunderful Wunderunders :-)

For more info, fabric choices, and to order go to Wunderunders  Facebook page.

Disclaimer: All opinions in this blog post are my own. This review was unsolicited. All items were either purchased by me or won in various giveaways.

Have a happy crunchy green day!