Friday, August 17, 2012

BioKleen bac out and Vinegar- Carseat wash

     Call me over protective and germphobic (if that's even a real word); but I just washed a car seat cover three times.   There! I feel better now.
     The school system's special transportation dept assigned a carseat for my son to use in the school bus.  This seat has to follow him.  It gets installed in the morning bus every day and comes home in the afternoon bus, only to repeat that process every day.
     I stripped it down and washed the cover with regular Tide. Well, after one wash and double rinse the water was still very dirty.  Time to whip out the cloth diaper detergent (I used CleanB), a good squirt of Biokleen bac out and a cup of vinegar.  This second wash also got a double rinse, but the water was still cloudy so I washed it one more time with double rinses.
     Finally the water looks clear and I feel sooo much better.   After cleaning the plastic seat with Mrs Meyers Clean day spray and unloading half a can of Lysol on the seat and straps, it is now sitting out on the front porch getting scorched, baked and "sanitized" by the sun's rays. Radiation had to be good for something right? :-)

Die germs and bacteria!<insert evil laugh here MUAHAAAA HAAA HAAA>.

 Finished product

Have a happy healthy crunchy green day!