Friday, August 17, 2012

What's in a Bundles and Buzz Toddler and Cloth bundles?

What's in a Bundles and Buzz bundle?
For those of you who have been to their web site or Facebook page and are wondering about what is included in their bundles, here is a list of what I received in the toddler and cloth bundles that I have purchased.

Toddler bundles:
Envirosax from
Paper Straws from
My Hikes from
Bamboo Bowl from
Chopsticks from
Legwarmers (girl bundle only) from
Belt Clip from
Fabric Applique from
Shampoo & Body wash from
Top to Toe body wash (boy bundle only) from

Cloth Bundle:
Dryer ball from
Baby wipe from
Hair Clip from
Hiney Honey quick stick from
Ecosprout detergent provided by
Bamboo pocket diaper from
Snappi size 1
Wet bag from

Toddler Girl bundle

 Toddler Boy bundle

 Cloth Bundle