Thursday, February 16, 2012

Temper tantrum messes- Green products to the rescue

Oh My! It's one of those mid day meltdowns along with the messes temper tantrums sometimes make, thank goodness for my small collection of green products!. 
My dear 2 1/2 year old toddler decided to have a meltdown and upchuck all over the wood floors and hallway wall, waking up his 10 mo. old baby sister who had just gone down for a nap. She was not happy and decided to scream while I took care of her brother.  I quickly took care of the ominous mess armed with  Mrs Meyers clean day all purpose cleaner, which left behind a lovely lavender scent.  Stripped the now somewhat calmer toddler of his pukey clothes and gave him a wipe down with a mixture of Delish Naturals Body Wash and Shampoo.  I love this stuff, an ounce of it in a 8 oz spray bottle filled with water goes a long way as a wipe solution, get some wash cloths and you're set, leaving baby clean and smelling great. Next it was the stinky clothes turn to get a nice healthy dose of Clean B natural detergent in the autum blessing scent,  AHHH Heavenly!.  The baby got a nice tall Glass Evenflo bottle full of liquid gold.  Toddler now napping and baby happy as a clam.
Balance has been restored.. for now

Have a Crunchy Green and Healthy Day! :-)