Friday, February 17, 2012

My cloth diapering Journey- The beginnings

When my firstborn came along 2 1/2 years ago I thought about cloth diapering but decided against it without really doing much research. Word of mouth was that cloth diapering was hard, messy, something of ancient times.
I got a reality check with the arrival of my baby girl last year. Disposable diaper costs went thru the roof with two kiddos in diapers.  So I did a bit more research and found out that pins and boiling diapers are a thing of the past. So begins my cloth diapering journey in November of 2011.
So far we have gone 100 % cloth diaper and I have not looked back. I managed to put together a stash of very easy to use cloth diapers that are mostly pocket diapers.
Pocket diapers are ones that have a pocket that you stuff with inserts.  I have an all in one which doesn't need to be stuffed and the rest are all in twos; which have a snap in insert. There are also the prefolds which are used with a waterproof cover.
I use biodegradable liners which makes diaper changes a breeze, just throw the liner with the poop in the toilet and flush, rinse the diaper and throw it in the bag awaiting laundry day. Easy peacy lemon squeezy. :-)

The internet has a wealth of information this is just a tidbit of info, check out sites like Ehow, here is an article on how to get started with cloth diapering.

Have a happy crunchy green healthy day :-)