Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bean playbox project

My son's occupational therapist thought it would be a good idea to make him an indoor "sand" box. You see, my son has sensory and textures issues, the box would provide him with the opportunity to get in it and slowly get comfortable with feeling the different texture around his body and on his hands without him totally freaking out. 
I set out to the local Super Walmart and got a hold of a 41 QT Sterilite underbed box with lid and instead of sand I bought two 8 lb bags of pinto beans.. yes.. PINTO BEANS :-)

Sterilite box sticker- it's the 41 QT Underbed Box thats 35 X 16 X 5

Two 8 lb Bags of Pinto Beans :-)

= The new Bean Box ;-)
This bean box is long enough for a toddler to sit in it and stretch the legs out, even lay in it.

We are starting out playing for just 5 minutes a day till he gets more comfortable in it, then will slowly increase play time to 20 mins a day. So far He likes playing with the boat, the current game is finding the shapes in the beans, that makes him actually dig around :-)
Wish us luck!

Have a Crunchy Green and Healthy day!