Monday, September 17, 2012

Fitted diaper test - Chasing Nature Designs

Today I want to talk about a fitted diaper made by ChasingNature Designs

This one in particular is a tester made out of organic cotton and bamboo.

Here is its composition:

The insert has 4 layers of absorbency-
2 bamboo fleece layers
1 heavy organic bamboo fleece layer
1 organic cotton velour layer (very soft fussy feeling)

The shell is composed of 3 layers -
1 Organic cotton velour interior
1 Bamboo layer
1 Flannel exterior

Total of 7 layers.

Diaper weight when dry: 4.6 oz

I only have another type of fitted diaper to compare it to, and that is a Thirsties fitted in size large.  It is one of my overnight solutions.  
The Nature Designs diaper is close in weigh but trimmer around the thighs than the Thirsties. 
For nighttime use I outfit the Thristies with an Ikea burp cloth pad folded.  This brings its weight up from 4.1 oz to 7.2 oz VS the 4.6 of the cotton/bamboo diaper.

When using a Diaper Rite or a Rumparooz cover I usually have to do a lot of tucking with the Thirsties to get all of it inside the cover.  This is not the case with the cotton/bamboo diaper, no tucking at all, it fits inside the cover nicely.

Night 1:  Nature Designs tester w/ Diaper Rite cover
Time span: 10 hours
Starting weight without cover: 4.6 oz
End weight without cover: 11.3 oz
Gain:  6.7 oz (Wholly Molly!)
Saturation: very saturated

Night 2: Thirsties fitted with Ikea burp cloth & Diaper Rite cover
Time span: 10 hours
Starting weight without cover: 7.2 oz
End weight without cover: 12.9
Gain: 5.7 oz
Saturation:  saturated

Night 3: Nature Designs tester w/ Rumparooz cover
Time span: 10 hours
Starting weight without cover: 4.6
End weight without cover: 8.3
Gain:  3.7 oz
Saturation: damp

I tested this diaper on my 24 lbs 17 mo old daughter. The first night I used my Diaper Rite cover with it.  Baby girl slept for 10 hours straight.  The diaper went from weighing 4.6 oz to 11.3 oz in that time span.  The weight before putting in on was 4.6 oz and it weighed 11.3 oz when i took it off her so it gained 6.7 oz,.  It obviously held A LOT of pee, the beauty of Bamboo, It is VERY absorbent.

It was completely saturated which means it did its job and there were no leaks around the legs.   There was a small wet spot inch in diameter near the elastic waist of her pajama shorts on the front.  This was most likely due to the elastic on the shorts slipping into the diaper cover. She is a tummy sleeper so this happens sometimes.

I also used it with a Rumparooz cover.  On that particular night there were no leaks, It was damp but not dripping wet.  It weighed  8.3 oz when I took it off her, it must have been a light night with only 3.7 oz gain. 

Now to show you how it fits my 24lb toddler.


I really like the feel of this diaper, outside and inside. I also like it’s trim design because I don’t have to do any tucking. And of course I like the absorbency.   It is fine as it is for daytime use.   For nighttime use my recommendation for a super heavy wetter diaper is to sew in a layer of heavy organic bamboo fleece in the actual shell just to give it a boost.  This would be sewn just in the heavy soaking area from the belly down, not the whole diaper to keep the weight down.

I should also mention that all products from Chasing Nature Designs come fully prepped.  She preps them before sewing and then gives them a final wash when finished.  I love that!  Saves on a lot of washing and you get to use the fluff right away :-)

Disclaimer: I purchased this tester diaper at a discount in exchange for feedback on its performance. This blogpost was not solicited and all the opinions are my own.

Till next time,

Have a happy healthy crunchy day! :-)