Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Using Ikea "burp" cloths as Flat diapers

I have been wanting to give the Ikea burp cloths a try as flat cloth diapers, so hubby picked up a pack of 2 for me. Here are my findings.


Nowhere on the package will it say that they're burp cloths. He found them at an end cap by the kids section. They're 27 1/2 by 27 1/2. The two in the package are one white and one print.  They're 100 % cotton.
This one had a cute print. I do not know if they make them in other prints though.
And now for the folding. Just fold it down to the size you need, use it as a prefold with or without snappi.

 You also fold both together or fold the white one and use it as an extra soaker pad.


I poured 4 ounces of water on top of the soaker and it absorbed it all, so far so good, I think it can handle another 4 ounces since it was not saturated after the first 4.

 This is how they look on the kids.
 On a VERY WIGGLY 1 year old :-) sloppy job folding but Hey I got it on her!  She's 20 lbs.

 Here it is on my 30 lb almost 3 year old.

 So there you have it. Ikea burp cloths used as Flat diapers.

Have a Crunchy Green Healthy day! :-)