Thursday, April 12, 2012

Prefolds: Sweet Pea vs Hemp Babies

I have been using both Sweet Pea and Hemp Babies prefolds for about 4 months now and I must say I have grown to love them. They are my nighttime solution for my now 1 year old 20 lb girl and nap time for 30 lb toddler. Everytime I use prefolds I have the assurance that there will be NO LEAKS.
I decided to compare the two and here are my findings.
 The Sweet Pea prefold that I use is the Baby size which measures 17X20 before washing, its fiber content is 100% Unbleached cotton and will fit from 16 to 35 lbs
The Hemp Babies prefold is a Bigger Weeds size which is 16 X 18 before washing, its fiber content is 55% hemp and 45% Certified Organic Cotton. You have to pre-wash it 3 to 5 times.

After going through the wash/dry cycle many times they have now shrunk to about 15 1/4 X 17.
Sweet Pea Cotton prefold on the left and Hemp Babies on the right

Here is a side view to show the thickness of each. 
Hemp Babies is thinner, has 2 layers of hemp fleece which when tri-folded you get 6 layers all together. 
Sweet Pea is thicker and has more a quilted look, specially in the middle, has 4 layers on either side and 8 in the middle. 

I prefer to do the angel wing fold


First, the Sweet Pea Cotton Prefold on my 20 lb 1 year old daughter.

 side view using the angel wing fold with a snappi

 Sweet Pea cotton Prefold top view.

 This is the Hemp Babies Bigger Weeds hemp prefold

Hemp Babies Side View

 Now for the fit on my 30 lbs  33 month old son.

 Sweet Pea prefold angel wing fold with snappi, front view

 Sweet Pea prefold Side view

 Hemp Babies prefold on 30 lb toddler front view

 Hemp Babies prefold Side view.

Water experiment

I layed out a Sweet Pea prefold and a Hemp Babies prefold and added 4 ounces of water to each, they both absorbed it very quickly and there was no water run off. 

Since there was no water run off i decided to add 4 more ounces to each.
 Still no run off, when folded up i noticed the Hemp babies (on the right)  left a bigger moisture spot than the Sweet pea prefold.

The Sweet Pea prefold weighed in at 5.2 oz when dry.
 and 13 oz when wet (with the 8 oz of water i poured in it)

 The Hemp Babies weighed in at 4.6 oz when dry

and 12.9 oz wet (with 8 oz of water poured in)

Over all I like both pre-folds about the same and use them the same amount of times. I find myself just grabbing whichever is on top, so not really a preference since they both work well. I have 6 of each in my stash and go through them quickly since I use them on both kids.

That's it for now. Till the next time wishing you all a happy crunchy green healthy day!  :-)

PS: I almost forgot to add that when using snappis, they grab the Sweet Pea cotton prefold pretty easily. With the Hemp Babies prefold I have to work at it a bit more for it to hold since it is a thicker weave.